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St. Jude Ride, 9/29/2019

Emy Ferguson

Lois Campbell

A walk through the Fleming Arboretum with Bob Hobdy
Photos by Dan Turner & Courtney Rice


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Nov 2017
Click here or the image to see: Slide show of Maui Lyon’s Club Field Trip by professional Maui photographer Michael Barraque


Nature Conservation Video of the 2016 ICNC World Conservation Congress Event at Puu Mahoe

On August 28, 2016, The D.T. Fleming Arboretum hosted an event for the Conservation Congress.

The event featured speakers on various Maui Conservation efforts, a delicious lunch and a Tour of this fantastic Arboretum.


2015 Arboretum Tour with “Maui Green & Beautiful”

**Historical Photos

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Jun 25, 2014  -a “must see”

This film was made by students of Maui Huliau Foundation’s Huliau Environmental Filmmaking Club. Fleming’s Legacy tells the story of agricultural entrepreneur David Thomas Fleming and his role as an early conservationist on Maui. The film also shares the efforts  to carry on his work in the native plant arboretum that bears his name.
Filmed & Edited by Dylan Falces & Kaulana Pu’u.

June 2014– Photos shot by photographer and instructor Aubrey Hord during a photo workshop June 11, 2014 in the Fleming Arboretum. The class was organized in partnership with the Hui Noeau Visual Arts Center.For more of Aubrey’s work go to .


November  2013
• Arboretum Directors and Staff Visit  the Haelaau mountain cabin in the East Maui Watershed above Lahaina, built in the early 1900s by D.T. Fleming.
The cabin was built as a rest area for hikes every month to check the Puu Kukui rain gauge. The trail to Puu Kukui is now a 4 mile board walk  through native forest built by the East Maui Watershed lined by old Figi Pines, planted by D.T. to mark the trail.

Duane Sparkman on a  ” Camping for Volunteers” weekend

• Kihei Youth Center & MPD plant their “Community Forest


John Korpi Mauna Ala Hiking Club to Pu’u Mahoe October 28, 2012

Duane Sparkman  “Camping for Volunteers”-September 14-15,2012

Postcard 2012

FOFA 2012 Calendar


2011 FOFA Calendar

Waldorf School goes on Hawaiian Botany Field trip



May 2010 Carden Academy Field Trip to Fleming Arboretum

• March 1, 2010 Pu’u Mahoe Welcomes Field trip by Maui Waena’s Hawaiian Club.


Jaxon Naiditch -5th grade Waldorf School Dec. 11, 2009 Field Trip to Fleming Arboretum

• Fleming Arboretum Images by Mike Neal


•Native Butterflies –Fleming Arboretum by John Shaw
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• Photo by Dwane Sparkman- Bumble Bee Pollinatng Ohia Lehua
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Michelle Steuerman Photo of native flowers


Michelle Steuerman Photos of Wiliwili in flower -Downloads
Bob Bangerter– Photo of I’e I’e in flower-Download



Rand Conger I & II (7/04)

John Hugg (7/04)


Ted Isaacson (9/03)

Pam Petersen (10/03)


Linda Turnbull(6/02)

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