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April 2008
Alani seedling planted at Waimea Arboretum on Oahu

October 12, 2006
The alani’s put on new leaves in our cool house. We’ll plant it on the Valley’s south side when we’re sure winter has started. We’re still working on Hibiscus cv. Martha Fleming.
Aloha, David

August 11, 2006

The alani made it back safely, but there was a bit of a panic when the pot (tilted backwards) went through the X-ray machine and jammed. It eventually came through unscathed. The Waimea numbers for the H. hualalaiensis and M. knudseni are  06s86 and 03s93, respectively. The single 4” tall alani seedling we have was grown from the seeds you sent on 8/25/03, and this one was sown in September of 2005. We unfortunately have nothing alive from the two flasks and small plant we got from Nellie in June of 2004. The rooted Hibiscus cv. Martha Fleming cutting in the nursery looks terrible, so I’ve just started new cuts from the healthy mother plant.

Thanks again for Saturday. That really made our trip.

Aloha, David

David Orr and friend Louise Miehlstein show off the young Alani that will be outplanted in Waimea Arboretum on Oahu, enhancing their collection of native species. (August 5, 2006)
February 11, 2005

I’m starting to lose hope for our Alani seeds. Are we the only garden for which they’ve failed? I’ll be coming to Maui a week from Thursday to visit Lis and Kamaui’s gardens.. I wonder if there’s a chance I could picku up some seedlings from you if you have any to spare.
Davids Orr

January 13, 2004

Here’s Waimea’s email. I was encouraged by the last letter that said the alani seeds could take over 6 months to germinate. Ours still haven’t, and this gave me hope they still might. I’ll try to visit near the end of February, and if we have no luck by then, maybe I can bring some plant goodies from Waimea and get a few seedlings.

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