D. T. Fleming Chronology

DT Fleming
David Thomas Fleming 1881–1955

October 21, 1881: Born in Scotland to James Wilson and Mary Fleming, one of five children.

November 1889: The Fleming family arrived in Hawaii and made their home at home at Hamakuapoko, Maui, where Mr. James Fleming was to be manager of the dairy Grove Ranch

After completing high school on Maui, David T. Fleming went to stay with his aunt, Mrs. Mackenzie, in Portland, Oregon, where he went to business college for two years.

1902 or 1903: DTF returned to Maui and taught school for about six months.  Worked as a timekeeper on the construction of EMI.  He was overseer of the gang of men who planted the Norfolk pine trees above Haiku.

1905: About this time, polo became a popular sport among many on Maui.  David was welcomed to play because he was good at playing number four on the team. He was good at backhand from either side of the horse, which made him a valuable defensive player.

1906: DTF met Harry Foss (J. Harrison Foss) a young engineer.  Harry had invited his sister, Martha, to come and help in the office after she graduated from Stanford University.  She and DTF are introduced.

March 4, 1908: David T. Fleming married Martha Foss.

1907 – 1911: Following the completion of Hamakua ditch, DTF became manager of Grove Ranch (under Dee Dee and HP Baldwin) and got his start in the pineapple business. Just before his death in 1911, HP Baldwin appointed DTF manager of his Honolua Ranch, the Baldwin estate on West Maui.

March 4, 1908: David T. Fleming married Martha Foss.

January 1, 1912: DTF became manager of Honolua Ranch, a coffee growing and cattle raising venture.

1912 – 1914.:   40 acres of pineapple were planted.  A cannery, office, store, plantation housing, coffee mill and rail were built.

1915: DTF residence at Maka `oi`oi, completed.

1920: Honolua Ranch was renamed Baldwin Packers with DTF remaining as manager of the company.  A new cannery at Lahaina was completed.

1923: Baldwin Packers, LTD.  was incorporated with DTF named manager.

1915-1931: DTF served as supervisor on Maui County Board of Supervisors.

1933: DTF elected by the Maui County Board of Supervisors to fill the vacancy of chairman following the death of Sam Kalama.  He was defeated in the election of 1934.

1939-54: Served as a member of the county parks and playgrounds board; the territorial board of agriculture and forestry; member of the Maunaolu Community College Board of Trustees.

1950: DTF unsuccessfully campaigned to become a Republican senator of the territory of Hawaii.

December 31, 1951: DTF retired at age 70.

January 2, 1952:   The Board of Directors of Baldwin Packers, LTD elected him managing director.  His son, Bruce L. Fleming, was appointed manager Baldwin Packers, LTD.  DTF unsuccessfully campaigned to serve as Maui County Chairman.

1952: DTF built Pu’u mahoe cabin and planted the DT Fleming Arboretum.

March 22, 1955: DT Fleming died in Queens Hospital, Honolulu.  Burial took place on March 26, 1955 at Makawao Cemetery.

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