Nature Conservation Video of the 2016 ICNC World Conservation Congress Event at Puu Mahoe

On August 28, 2016, The D.T. Fleming Arboretum hosted an event for the Conservation Congress. The event featured speakers on various Maui Conservation efforts, a delicious lunch and a Tour of this fantastic Arboretum.

Pardon us, the video is MIA, we’re trying to acquire another copy…

News Release:
Fleming Arboretum to Premiere “Nature Conservation” Video.
A nature conservation video produced by the Fleming Arboretum is now available for viewing. “Nature Conservation- A World Conservation Congress Event at the DT Fleming Arboretum August 28, 2016” features eight leading Maui conservationists sharing their experience and knowledge for the restoration and preservation of nature.
The WCC event at Pu‘u Mahoe was hosted as an outer island event for members of the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUNC) World Conservation Conference in September 2016 The Congress, representing 142 countries, which meets every 4 years, was held in the United States for the first time since the beginning of the IUCN 68 years ago. Hawaii was chosen to host this important global event for its great diversity of native plants, wildlife and ecosystems to share conservation efforts, spotlighting the role native plants play in healthy communities dependent on healthy natural resources.
“We aimed to be the most outstanding, educational and inspiring experience”, stated Arboretum director Martha Vockrodt-Moran. The Fleming Arboretum ICBF Tour & Picnic Sunday August 28 featured an Arboretum tour led by native plant professionals, Hawaiian chant by Doreen Hobdy and presentations by 8 Maui’s leading and respected environmental and conservation experts. “Each of the conservation leaders gave a 10 minute summary culminating their experience to share their knowledge for nature conservation worldwide. What applies to preserving nature on an island isolated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, would apply to the world.“

In this video, speakers share the most stressing conservation and sustainability challenges. The 8 conservation speakers are Robert Hobdy- retired head of DLNR Maui Nui, Hawaiian Botany & Culture expert, Pat Bily of The Nature Conservancy Duane Sparkman- Professional Landscaper, Native Hawaiian Plant Specialist, and Board of Directors of Maui Cultural Lands nonprofit, Ernest Rezents- ISA International Professional Arborist Award 2015, author of the Maui County Planting Plan, certified arborist instructor/ horticulture consultant Catherine Davenport- State Plant Quarantine Inspector and Maui College Hawaiian Field Biology Instructor Lissa Fox Strohecker of the Maui Invasive Species Committee Art Medeiros founder and director of the Auwahi Forest Restoration, and Virginia Vockrodt-Gannon- granddaughter of DT Fleming and director of the DT Fleming Arboretum at Pu‘u Mahoe.
The World Conservation Event at Pu‘u Mahoe at recognized worldwide David Thomas Fleming as Hawaii’s leader in native forest conservation and the DT Fleming Arboretum at Pu‘u Mahoe the first native forest restoration project in all Hawai‘i. Fleming knew the critical importance of actively preserving Hawaii’s most valuable natural resource- the native rain forest ecosystem, attracting, regenerating and storing rain for the sustainability of life on a volcanic island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The original native forest and its lower layer of shrubs and herbaceous plants gave shade, cooling the soil, protecting the native forest vulnerable to periodic regimes of hot, dry weather.

“About ninety-five percent of Hawaii’s native forests have been destroyed due to habitat loss, disease and introduced predators. There is no time or money to waste on curious, expensive studies,” said Martha Vockrodt-Moran, director of Fleming Arboretum Projects “The work is obvious; nature conservation critical. Remaining forests need to be preserved and restored: fenced, cleared of invasive plants and predators, reforested with native trees and understory. The ingress of new diseases invasive plants and predators to Hawaii need to be stopped.”

The event was filmed by Akaku videographer Chivo Johnson, to help direct nature conservation worldwide. The video was sponsored by Maui County Office of Economic Development, Maui Green & Beautiful, and Friends of the DT Fleming Arboretum.
The video “Nature Conservation” produced by the DT Fleming Arboretum is premiering on Akaku TV and available on the DT Fleming Arboretum website