Faces of Philanthropy 2011

K Levy

Faces of Philanthropy 2009




Mr. Kazuma Okumura, Olinda, Maui Happy 100th Birthday!
Mr. Okumura helped D.T. manage the pine fields. When WW2 began, Mr. Okumra returned to his family land in Olinda to raise vegetables to supply the US army stationed at Giggle Hill on Maui. In an interview with Mr. Okumura, he shared his friendship with D.T. who delivered a large tractor from Kapalua over the old windy Pali road to help Mr. Okumura prepare his fields for planting in support of our troops. His vegetables were in popular demand and “no vegetables went to waste.” Today, Mr. Okumura and his family still farm in Olinda.


Leroy & Judy Baldwin Wetzel

from Stanton Dotson Chesterfield, Mo

“My mother Judy is also a Fleming”

Judy was raised on Maui, daughter of Henry & Helen Baldwin, Grand Niece of DT Fleming.


Henry & Joyce Harris McLean,VA Mark & Susan Godfrey Arlington,VA Kula Community Association Kula, Maui, HI From Esomor & Elliot Krash Kula, Maui, HI




Jim & Mary Jo LoBianco of Kihei, Maui

“For their strong support of FOFA”

From Karen Levy Kiawekapu, Maui


Lois & Lee Reiswig of Kapalua, Maui

“In appreciation of their generosity, hospitality, and Aloha Spirit”

Patti & John Zussman Portola Valley, CA