Fleming Arboretum hosts outer-island WCC Event

icbf logoThe IUCN World Conservation Conference, September 1-10, 2016 is being held in the United States for the first time since the beginning of the International Union of Conservation of Nature more than 65 years ago.  Hawaii was chosen to host this important global event for its great diversity of native plants, wildlife and ecosystems. The Indigenous Crop Biodiversity Festival featuring indigenous crop biodiversity and biodiversity conservation is a recognized Parallel Event happening on Maui August 24-30, a week in advance of the Congress.   The DT Fleming Arboretum is honored to participate as a host for the ICBF and Congress Neighbor-Island Excursions. The Arboretum is the oldest and largest native arboretum in Hawaii, the first native plant preservation effort in Hawaii and Hawaii’s first native forest watershed restoration project. The Arboretum parallels the goal of Congress to show conservation efforts in Hawaii, spotlighting the role native plants play in healthy communities dependent on healthy natural resources.

“We aim to be an outstanding, educational and inspiring experience”, stated Arboretum director Martha Vockrodt-Moran. The Fleming Arboretum ICBF event Sunday August 28 will feature an Arboretum tour led by native plant professionals and presentations by Maui’s leading environmental and conservation experts. “Each of the 10 brief presentations will be a 10 minute summary culminating the experience of Maui’s respected conservation leaders to share their knowledge. What would apply to Hawaii would apply to the world”. The presentations will be videoed by Akaku and shared for nature conservation worldwide.

The public is welcome to join the ICBF and Congress neighbor-island events at the DT Fleming Arboretum from 9AM to 3PM on Sunday August 28.  Participation is limited. Registration for this rare excursion experience is $100 per person, including refreshments, catered breakfast and lunch, guided Arboretum tour and presentations and a membership to the Arboretum. For more information about the week of Indigenous Crop Biodiversity Festival and to register, go to www.icbf-maui.com. Online registration will close August 15th

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