Kamehameha School Art Students Receive Awards

October 2006
Kamehameha School Art Students Receive Awards

The D.T.Fleming Arboretum at Ulupalakua was an art class for Kamehameha School of Maui high school seniors in September, sponsored by the Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center.

The instructor was Robert Kushner, internationally known artist from New York. Funding for the instruction was provided by The Laila Art Fund of the Hawaii Community Foundation. 

After a morning Arboretum tour learning about the native plants, Kushner’s instrution was to do a contour drawing of a native leaf or flower.This practice teaches students to carefully look at the subject,drawing what they see,not what students think they see. 

The unique tool of a sharpened stick with ink allowed for varying weight and beauty of line, adding life to an otherwise flat graphic-design drawing.

Some students took the assignment a step further by beautifully composing the drawing on the page.

Images of native flora were chosen for publication by Friends of the D.T.Fleming Arboretum. Gift certificates for art supplies at Upcountry Fine Art were awarded to the student artists for selected images.

Donations to the Friends of the D.T. Fleming Arboretum for art awards were made by Muffie Davis of Haiku, Bunky and Ginger Gannon of Kula and Euphence Fleming Vockrodt of Pukalani. 

Muffie Davis, watercolor artist and member of Plein-air Painters of Maui ,judged the student work for “artistic excellence” and publication in the D.T.Fleming Arboretum newsletter and website.

Upcountry Fine Art $100 Gift Certificates for “Artistic Excellence”

Micah Spencer
for Ma’o hauhele “The Hawaii State Flower”


Anuhea Aguino for Naio “False Sandlewood”
Briana Fujimoto
for Ko’oko’olau “Hawaiian Spanish Needle”

Upcountry Fine Art $50 Gift Certificates for “Honorable Mention”

Ka’eo U’u for Ko’oloa’ula “A Minature Hibiscus” [Ka’eo]
Makana Newman
for ‘Ala’a – Pouteria sandwicensis
Marissa Lee for Nau “The Hawaiian Gardenia”

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