Michelle Steuermann Daniels

HOAWA FLOWER. 50 Hoawa seedlings propagated by Michelle S. Daniels were donated in May ’07 to the Maui Nui Gardens for Arbor Week’s native plant giveaway to the public in Nov”07. The Hoawa flower has a  strong  sweet fragrance to attract moth pollinators at night.They have no smell during the day.They have sticking seed pod  that opens bright orange to attract birds. A photo of the Hoawa flower and Hoawa seed pod is included in our Photo Gallery under Bob Bangerter’s Macro Photography.

Yellow & Red Flowering Wiliwili – Erythrina sandiwicensis
Hibiscus waimeae Red Ohia Lehua
Red Ohia Lehua

Receeding Waters – tide pools, Kanaio Beach

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