‘Ilima Rapozo Reports

Alani (Melicope knudsenii)

January 7, 2004

I just wanted to give you an up date to our efforts, and inquire about some things.

On Sept. 19 I began propogation of the alani seeds provided. I did 4 trays with variations on methods. All seeds rec’d a Clorox (1:20) bath w/ the exception of one tray of (25) in which we did a hot water soak. Then seeds were scarafied with a razor as opposed to sanding as it was much easier to remove the shell of the seed. Then they were soaked for different periods of time:
Tray A: Clorox, Scarafication, No Soaking.
Tray B: Clorox, Scarafication, 24 Hr. Soak.
Tray C: Clorx, Scarafication, 48 hr. Soak.
Tray D: Clorox, Scarafication, 96 hr. soak.

Seeds were placed in trays with a bed of a 1:3 peat/pearlite mixture and covered with a layer of moss.

Seedling began sprouting in early December. To date the Success of Germinated Seeds are:
Tray A: 5 germinated
Tray B: 6 germinated
Tray C: 1 germinated
Tray D: 5 germinated

In reading the initial letter, I noticed that a systemic fungicide spray is recommended with a rotation of 1/2 strength of Miracle Grow. I was wondering if the MG is a general purpose or a specific one. The other things I would like to know are the type of medium used to re-pot in, what are the type of watering conditions that are optimum for the plants, and any chewing pests know to be of menace to the Alani. I have noticed some natives do not like repotting into soil right away, where as some do fine. I also have problems already with something chewing on leaves; however, under inspection, I have not been able to figure out what it is as there are no evidence other than chewed leaves.

Hope my information helps out. I look forward to hearing from you.

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